Get a Nitrobox Account

Let's take a look what steps you have to take to manage subscriptions, billing and accounting with Nitrobox.

Step 1. Book a Demo

Request a demo account to get started with Nitrobox. This demo is a live presentation of the Nitrobox Platform, and will include a consultation tailored to your use case. After, you have the option to request a sandbox account. Your sandbox account gives you access to the Nitrobox Webportal, an online dashboard where you can manage your plans, customers, contracts, invoices, and payments in real time.

Book a Demo

Your sandbox account allows you to:

  • Create and manage products
  • Create and manage customers
  • Start building your integration

The sandbox account will come along with some limitations:

  • Decreased rate limit
  • Limited number of documents to be stored

Step 2. Configure your business

Continue here:

Step 3. Build your integration

Step 4. Request for live account

It's pretty easy: just approach our client success team at [email protected] and ask for a live account.

Step 5. Sign the contract and get a live account

Once we've received the signed contract, you get access to your live Customer Area. The user who created the test account receives the login instructions by e-mail.

Step 6. Configure your live account

If you want to use your live account, you need to configure it first. Your test account setup is not copied to your live account.

Need help?

If you need help, send us an e-mail and we're happy to assist you: [email protected].