Customer Billing Data

The customer detail view provides a table with all billing-related data such as contracts and orders, with filter functions and configurable columns. Learn more about it on this page.

The customer billing data consists of six different sections:

Billable items

This section displays all billable items that are part of customer orders and contracts. A billable item can arise from a one-time purchase or usage within a contract. It is processed into a document through a billing run. Use the quick action "Details" button on the right side of the row to access the detailed view of the billable item.


The "Documents" section lists all documents created for the customer. Use the "Quick Actions" section at the end of each row to get more information. Click the "Details" button to view the contents of the selected invoice, click "Open PDF" to view the created invoice as a PDF file or download the invoice.


The "Contracts" section shows an overview of all contracts assigned to the customer. To get a more detailed view of a specific contract, click the "Details" button on the right side.

Right next to it is the "Quick Actions" area, where you can add usages or purchase items to the contract. When you click on "Add purchase item", a pop-up window will open where you can enter all the relevant data to create the new purchase item. Learn more about creating a purchase item [here]

Click the "Create Vouchers" button to start a billing run for that specific contract and create vouchers for the purchases or uses associated with the contract. Use the checkboxes on the left to select one or more contracts to either cancel the contract(s) on a specific date or to cancel the selected contract(s).


This section displays all orders created for the customer. Click on the “Details” button on the right to get detailed information about the order. If you want to cancel orders, select one or multiple orders and create a credit note for the selected order(s).


The "OPOS" section displays outstanding invoice items from orders or contracts. Check the item data, assign payments or view the assigned payments.

Payment accounts

This section provides an overview of the customer's payment accounts. A payment account can be used to process a payment resulting from an order or the use of a contract.

If you click on the customer details symbol, the customer details page opens listing the customer action buttons in the top right corner. Click them to add an order, create documents or add payment accounts. Let's take a closer look at the customer actions.

When you click on the customer details icon, the customer details page opens with action buttons in the upper right corner. Click on it to add an order, create documents or add payment accounts.