Learn more about how you can bill and invoice customer-centric usage-based billing models with Nitrobox. Adding usages to contracts is pretty straightforward and can be done in the Webportal as well. Here's how it works.

Add usages to contracts

Prerequisite: Contract based on a Plan with a "Usage" option.

This function is intended for contracts that have a usage-based option. Use the "Add usage" function to add further usages manually. Since the contract has all usage-based frame data stored, the unit and price data are already specified. You just have to add the number of usages.

Navigate to: Billing > Contracts > Contract Overview

Select the contract you want to edit and click the "Details" icon at the end of the entry to get to the contract details page.

At the bottom of the page you will find a "Usages" tab. opening this you can view all existing usages as well as adding new Usages manually using the "Add" button on the top right.

Now, fill in the data fields. Select the "Type" from the drop-down menu and enter the "Usage ident" if you do not want to keep the automatic prefilled ident.

Now enter the quantity of the usage you want to add to the contract, enter the "Start date" and "End date" (when the usage was provided), and select the "Service country" (where it was provided).

If you want to add a description, fill in the "Description" data field. You can add "Properties" to the usage as well. Learn more about properties.

Click the "Save" button and the usage will be added to the contract. If you do not want to proceed with the addition, click the "Discard" button and the window will close.

Usages overview

To view the usages over the entire system in the Nitrobox Webportal navigate to: Billing > Usages > Usage Overview

The usage overview lists all usage data records. This section is for overview purposes only. You cannot perform any actions there.

Delete usages

Usages that have not been billed yet, can be deleted via the associated contract.

To do so, go to: Billing > Contracts.

Select the requested contract from the contract overview and click the "Details" button at the end of the entry. The contract details page opens. Now scroll down to the tabs table and click the "Usages" tab.

Select the usage entry or entries you want to delete. Then click the "Delete usages" button on the right side to delete the usage.