The Nitrobox Webportal offers a detailed document management that displays all documents sorted by type. Filter, access and correct invoices, credit notes, deposit invoices, deposit credit notes, and create payment intents in one central place.

Adjust the document overview

To view the document overview, go to: Billing > Documents and select the document type you want to see from the drop-down menu:

  • Invoices
  • Credit Notes
  • Deposit Invoices
  • Deposit Credit Notes
  • Self-Billing Invoices
  • Self-Billing Invoice Corrections

Click one of the before mentioned document types to get to the respective document overview.

Adjust the overview by column

To select your preferred columns, click the "Columns" button in the upper right corner, (de)select your preferred columns, and adjust the overview to your preference.

Overview reset for columns

To clear the columns selection, click on "Reset config" in the upper right corner. The overview is automatically reduced and shows only the columns date, document no., last name, total gross, due date, status, and actions.

Filter invoices

The "Invoice Overview" also provides various filter functions:

Main filter

Use the main filter function in the top left corner to see all invoices or the overdue ones:

  • Click the "All" button to see all invoices
  • Click the "Overdue invoices" button and enter the requested number of days to see which invoices from the period are overdue

Details filter

To filter by search criteria such as date, name, customer number, amount, language etc., use the details filter funtion below the main filter. If you click on the "Filter" icon, an overlay will open where you can define your search criteria by column, operator and value.

After entering the value, the filtering process automatically starts listing the invoice documents that match the search criteria. To further narrow down the search results, add more filters by clicking the "Add filter" button.

To cancel the detail filter, click the "Cancel" icon next to the detail filter and the overview will be reset accordingly.

Document actions: payment intents, corrections, view PDFs

Each document entry has a "Details" button at the end of the line. If you click on it, the details page of the respective document opens, where the details of the document are displayed and further actions can be initiated.

In the top right corner of the details page you find buttons to:

Assign the document as doubtful debt BETA

Click the "Doubtful debt" button to mark the document resp. the payment as doubtful debt.

Create a payment intent

A payment intent is the initiation process of a payment. Use it to charge, refund or payout a customer according to your requirements. Learn more about it and how to create one here.

Correct the document

To correct the document, e.g. the address, click the "Edit" icon in the top right corner. Select what address you want to correct (invoice or shipping address) and the corresponding overlay opens. Fill in the data and click "Save". If you want to cancel the operation, click "Discard".
Attention: An invoice can only be corrected once.

Open the corresponding PDF

To view the assigned PDF, click the "Document" icon on the right and the PDF opens. Check the document, download or print it.