Document Labels

Do you know that you can tag and label documents in the Nitrobox Platform? This smart sorting and editing feature makes working with documents much easier and helps you stay on top of things.

"Check document", "Printed & sent", "Delay payment", and many more. Use labels to better organize your documents. Nitrobox features labeling in the form of free text fields. This allows you to set exactly the labels and tags you work with in your organization.

Label and tag documents

To label certain documents, navigiate to: Billing > Documents and select the document category you want to create tags for:

  • Invoices
  • Credit Notes
  • Deposit Invoices
  • Deposit Credit Notes
  • Self-Billing Invoices
  • Self-Billing Invoice Corrections

The respective document overview opens. Each document table contains a column called "Labels". This column contains a free text field for each document, pre-filled with the word "TAGS".

Click on the text field and type in the label you want to apply to the document. IMPORTANT: Press "Enter" on your keyboard to save the label, otherwise it will not be saved. You can assign as many tags as you like. To delete a label, click the small "x" behind the respective label entry.

If you have already assigned labels, they will be offered to you as a selection when you click on the "LABELS" field. Click on the respective label if you want to select it for the document or type and assign a new one.

Filter for labels

Of course, you can also filter by the labels you set to call up the tagged documents. To do this, click on the filter function in the upper left corner of the respective document overview table. Select "Labels" in the column field and enter the data you want to filter for.