Create Orders

To create a new order go to the “Billing” section of the main navigation on the left side. Click the navigation item “Orders” to get to the "Order Overview".

Click the „+ Add“ button in the top left corner and the order window will open. Select the customer you want to add the order to by clicking the "Select" button at the end of the customer entry. The order detail page is now filled with the customer data.

Select the "Business segment" from the drop-down menu and define the "Order date". Now select the "Billing timing" depending on how you want to process your order - on demand or immediately.

Add properties (optional)

Before you continue with the purchase items, you can add one or more properties - additional data fields - to the order. Learn more about properties here

Add the purchase items

To add a purchase item click the "Add item" button and fill in the "Purchase item" data fields article number, name and description. Now, select the "Product type" from the drop-down menu. Define the amount, net price, tax rate, delivery date and service country.

You can add further purchase items by repeating this process. When you added all purchase items to the order, click the "Save" button and the order will be saved for later (if you selected on demand) or processed immediately (if you selected immediately). If you do not want to proceed with the order, click the "Discard" button and the window will close.

The order now appears in the "Order Overview". Click at the "Details" button at the end of the entry to open the order detail page, where you can see all order related info.