Filter data entries

Throughout the Nitrobox Webportal you will find filter functions to help you organize your data entries. The overview pages in particular offer various filter functions:

Details filter

You can filter by a variety of criteria, such as date, name, customer number, amount, or even language or individual properties you specified.

On most overview pages the "Filter" icon is in the top left corner.

Click the "Filter" icon and a search window will open. Now you can define your search criteria by column, operator and value.


Select from the drop-down menu which criteria (property, name, language, amount etc.) you want to filter.


In the "Operator" drop-down menu, specify the relation to be used for the search such as "is", "equals", "contains", <= (less than or equals) etc.


In the "Value" filter field add the value you want to search for, e.g. Company XY, 53,88 EUR etc.

After you enter the value, the filtering process automatically starts listing the data entries that match the search criteria. To further narrow down the search results, you can add more filters by clicking the "Add Filter" button.

Note: To cancel the detail filter, click the "Cancel" icon next to the detail filter and the overview will be reset accordingly.

Refresh a page

If no results are displayed after a search/ filter process or you like to refresh the page, click the "Refresh" icon in the top right corner of the overview pages.