Document Creation Config

This is the section where your tenant's strategy for PDF creation, translation and archiving is defined and set.

Please note: The document creation config should only be touched in cooperation with the Nitrobox CSM team. Thank you.

Use the document creation config to specify whether PDF documents are created for your tenant and which translation and archiving policies should apply for the document process.

To get there, go to the "Configuration” section of the main navigation on the left side. Click the navigation item “Global” and select “Tenant Configuration" to get to the overview.

At the bottom of the page you find the section "Document creation config" which consists of three parts:

  • Document Creation Strategy
  • Translate Strategy
  • Archive Strategy

Document Creation Strategy

Use the "Document creation strategy" to specify whether PDF documents are to be created for your tenant or not. Choose from the following three options:

No PDF creation

XML based
PDF creation activated with v1 XML input. Note: This does not work with the 'Service Provided Translation Strategy'.

XML based with translation
PDF creation activated with v2 XML input. This is required to use the 'Service Provided Translation Strategy'.

Translate Strategy

This section specifies how the document translation will be handled: whether a supplied template or the translation management service will be used.

Choose one of the two options:

Template provided
v1 translation management: A translation file managed by the Nitrobox Platform will be used.

Service provided
v2 translation management: The keys/ translations from the translation management will be used.
Note: This only works in combination with the document strategy "XML based with translation".

Archive Strategy

Define which archiving strategy is to be applied and which standards have to be complied with.

Select one of the two options:

A certified archiving solution for PDF documents.

Nitrobox Cloud
A non-certified storage offered by Nitrobox.

Use Default Template

The "Use default template" switch defines which template is used for creating documents.

If the switch is turned "On", a preconfigured Nitrobox default template will be used.

If the switch is turned off, the custom made template for the tenant will be used.