Manage Merchant Payment Gateways

Things can change from time to time. Make adjustments to your merchant payment gateways with just a few clicks in the Nitrobox Webportal. Let's see how.

To edit a merchant payment account, navigate to Configuration > Payment > Merchant Payment Gateways > Merchant Payment Gateway Overview

Now, select the gateway you want to modify. Click the "Edit" button at the end of the the respective gateway entry and the editing window opens.

Change the gateway name

If you want to change the name of the merchant payment gateway, enter the new name the respective data field. Then click "Save" to save it or "Discard" to cancel the action.

Add or remove merchant payment accounts

Add a merchant payment account

If you want to add one or more payment accounts to a merchant payment gateway, follow the initial steps described above to access the editing window of the respective gateway

Now, click the "Add payment account" button. A new drop-down menu entry appears for you to select the payment account and the currency from. Repeat this step if you want to add further payment accounts. Then click "Save" to save the modifications or "Discard" to cancel the action.

Remove a merchant payment account

If you wantremove a payment account from the gateway, click the "Trash can" icon next to the payment account entry. Then click "Save". To cancel the action, click "Discard".