Release 2023-01-11

  • You can now search for custom properties in the Webportal, making finding a contract, invoice, or customer even easier.
  • Our plans now support multi-phases! You can configure different prices for different periods in a contract's life. Some examples of what you can do now:
    • Configure a free or reduced Trial Phase
    • Allow for immediate termination of the contract within the first three months, but after that three month a 12-month lock-in period applies
    • After 12 months, offer a free or reduced month to your loyal customers.
  • You can now update Options that are already in use. For example, this allows you to increase prices on running contracts to keep up with inflation. You can pick the date when the change should be applied and following the next billing period for each contract, the new price will be used.

Release 2022-12-12

  • It is now possible to configure different document number counters for different operating sites.
  • Nitrobox is now compliant with the Italian CTC scheme, allowing you to do business in and from Italy without having to worry about fulfilling the difficult national requirements that come with Italian VAT laws.

Release 2022-11-28

  • Our Webportal now offers access to dunning letters. At the bottom of the invoice, select the "attachments" tab to access the letters.
  • You can now delete plans as long as no associated contract exists, making it possible to experiment with Plans a bit more without making them unmanageable.

Release 2022-11-14

  • Both agreed and actual deposits now have their taxes included in the entire system. This allows them to be considered in pdf templates as well as in the accounting if required by local compliance regulations.
  • It is now possible to close open positions via the OPOS decision, making it easy to deal with small amounts of difference between the owed and received payment.
  • Option catalog management is now also available via our v2 API. With the Option catalog API, you can easily create Options without having to create a plan for them. This also allows you to reuse the same Option in multiple plans, making their handling a lot simpler. Check out the API:

Release 2022-11-03

  • For your deposit invoices you can now configure that all order items will be available on the deposit invoice regardless whether they have a deposit attached or not. This enables you to have an almost identical layout and content as on the closing invoice.
  • We improved our OPOS feature. You now have a better overview of OPOS on a document level. This includes all associated documents and payments.

Release 2022-10-17

  • It is now possible to create crediting "Options" . Adding those to your plans will allow you to specify predefined rebates, such as crediting 5$ to your 20$ monthly VIP Plan resulting in a 15$ invoice to your customers.
  • You can now view a record of all sent notifications in the Webportal. This can be found under the Notifications section in Global Configuration. At the bottom of this page you see a list of all Notifications sent by our system to yours. If a Notification failed you can also view additional details by clicking the "Details" Button. From this view you can also resend failed Notifications, like if your service was not available temporarily.

Release 2022-09-21

  • Billable Items are now created two Billing Periods in advance. This will enable users to do small forecasts.
  • We now offer exchange rates for 161 currencies, up from the previous 24.
  • Received deposits are now clearly shown on every Order page with deposits.
  • Our statistic widgets now also support "per week" views.
  • When creating a new customer users can now designate the customer's Debtor Booking Account Number to be used in Nitrobox if the user wants to sync the account numbers with our system.

Release 2022-09-05

  • We've expanded one of our core features. There is now multicountry support for recurring and one-time Options. While previously you had to define one option per country, now you only need to define one option overall and the correct price is picked based on on the country of the contract. This will reduce the number of Options and Plans you have to define and administer if your business operates internationally.
    Note: This multi-pricing is not available yet for usage-based options.

Release 2022-08-22

  • Payments can now be manually assigned to Orders. If a customer paid their Order before he received an invoice you can now manually assign the payment to the order and handle it as a deposit (and book it accordingly).
  • Payment category can now be changed freely via the Webportal in case the automatically assigned category was wrong. If the payment is already assigned to a document you first have to reverse the assignment before you can change the category. A booking rule can also be configured for those category changes.
  • A Billing Group can now be configured to automatically created Deposit Invoices for Orders. If enabled, each time a Order is created with "agreed deposits" a Deposit Invoice is created for those.
  • Plans can now be duplicated in our Webportal. If you want to create various different Plans with for example the same contract and billing intervals but different options, you don't have to configure the Plans from scratch - take an existing one, hit "copy Plan" and you will get a prefilled creation window where you only need to change the differences.
  • Our recurring and one time options now supports the configuration of different prices for different countries. Previously you would have to create one option (and plan) per country - no longer! Just set the countries and their prices and then at contract creation specify under which country the contract was signed - and it will be billed with that countries prices accordingly.
  • Document labels are now also displayed on document details view
  • Multiple bank accounts within one EBICS account is now supported.

Release 2022-08-04

  • We have enabled a new "Interactive Product Demo" feature for users to help you understand our product better.
  • We added a Resource Center that allows you to access the "Interactive Product Demo" and also allows quick access to our documentation.
  • Notification Self Service! Under "Global -> Notification" you can now configure your own. You can find their descriptions here: Under this new configuration you can also view notifications that were sent out.
  • "Expert mode" when creating purchase items. With the potential complexity when creating a purchase item we have decided to have a now default simplified view with only the most important pieces of information of the item. For more complex items, for example when discounts or deposits are involved, or more specialized data needs to be added, you can do so after enabling the expert mode on the top right.
  • For Purchase Item creation you no longer have to provide tax or gross values. If you are using the Nitrobox tax engine we can do the calculation of the correct tax- and gross value for you if you like.