Release 2024-05-06

  • We have extended our document aggregation strategies to allow for more flexibility. You can now for example sum up multiple different item groups into one custom subtotal. Those custom subtotals and our previous sub totals are also displayed on the invoice detail page.
  • Fixed a bug where new payment assignments weren't shown on payment transactions.
  • Fixed a bug where customers couldn't be billed if they reached over 5.000 addresses.

Release 2024-04-22

  • Added a feature to delay the charging of payments until the invoice's due date. Potentially created partial credits are taken into account, charging only the actual open amount at the time of due date arrival.
  • Payment transactions are now assigned directly to a document before a settlement is posted. A PreBooked Item is created in the Opos overview to provide better payment insight.
  • You can now turn off the creation of "zero-amount documents" in your Billing Groups. This allows for better integration with legacy general ledger systems that can't handle such documents. This option can be enabled within the Billing Groups settings.
  • In our Webportal the account name for any GL account is now displayed next to the account number on all bookings, so you no longer have to remember all of your accounts.
  • Payment Terms for Contracts and Orders can now be updated via API, in case you come to a different payment term agreement with your customers.
  • We enabled the first part of our rated usage feature in our Webportal. While already completely available via API, you can now use our Webportal to configure Rated Usage Options and attach them to Plans. Those Rated Usages will become more visible in the coming weeks and months!
  • Fixed a bug in our Webportal, where the billable items processing date was displayed in the users local time instead of UTC despite being labeled as UTC.

Release 2024-04-08

  • Using our Webportal, when manually assigning a payment to a document, you can immediately clear a potential open amount and trigger an Opos Decisions. This should speed up the workflow for any smaller under/overpayment situations.
  • Pending payments are now visible in the Opos Cases as "prebooked item" to prevent double payment charges and to handle refunds correctly when payments are captured but not settled, thus providing a better overview of the OPOS situation for any given document.
  • We are now rounding contract and order line items, allowances, and agreed deposits according to the currency. Previously we only rounded accordingly when the actual document was created. Ensuring line items have the same precision increases consistency.
  • Unpooled (metered) Usages can now be cancelled, leading to a credit note if theywere already billed.
  • Payment terms can now be configured during order and contract creation. This allows users to overwrite the tenant default configuration for payment terms and allows for more flexibility.
  • Billing Groups can now be configured to be split by performance location. While tax location is always mandatory, you might want to split transactions by where they occurred, giving your customers a better overview of invoices.
  • To prevent tenant misconfigurations, you can no longer change the name of a billing group region already being used in options for price determination.
  • Improved connection consistency for external Tax Providers.
  • Improved performance for searches in Opos Cases
  • Improved our API doc, removing some empty tags, ordering some endpoints to their correct groups, and more.
  • Fixed a bug where document creation failed when a customer's post office box had more than 16 characters.
  • Fixed a bug where, during contract creation, adding a new option would reset the quantity of previous options back to 1.
  • Fixed a bug where Contract Expired events were still sent out at the original contract end date, even after the contract had its end date moved up.

Release 2024-03-13

  • We enabled our Order Agreed Deposit feature. Instead of only defining agreed deposits on items, you can also specify them on Order level and let NBX handle the decision on which items the deposits are expected. We will then split them off into the items with the highest VAT first.
  • Assigning a Payment to an Order (deposit), where the payment amount is larger than the total order amount, will now work and any overpaid amount will also be assigned to the item with the highest VAT.
  • Our API will now respond with a 308 permanent redirect when being requested with an url that ends in a slash ("/").
  • When creating an Order we will now also check if there is also a fitting Payment present and will assign it automatically. This will increase the automation success rate for automatic assignments and reduce operations for your AR managers.
  • Opos Cases now have explicit debit and credit indicators to avoid confusion by looking at the plus and minus signums (API only).
  • Merchant payment accounts can now be configured to create Payment intents on the due date of a document, thus for example charging your customers at a later date.
  • Fixed a bug where locations weren't sorted correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where "in-between" dates filter did not always appear.
  • Fixed a bug where the color of the "plus" and the background color on the "Add" button were the same on the dashboard page.

Release 2024-02-26

  • Deposit refunds will now be automatically assigned to Orders and Deposit Invoices
  • Deposit payments now show up as a single OPOS case entry, instead of one per item. This should make things clearer.
  • Using our API when creating line items for contracts, you can now choose if they should be billed with the current billing period or the billing period according to the functional data, for example, the delivery date or the service period. This gives users more control on when their items will be billed.
  • Users can now search customers by their vat-id.
  • When adding Options to Plans or selecting non-mandatory Options during Contract creation you can now pick multiple Options at once, this should ease operations when handling many Options.
  • We fixed several bugs that impeded the consistency of billing in cases of extraordinary termination. Now your end customer should receive their final invoice right after the contract ends, previously line items or usages might be billed at the end of the regular billing period.

Release 2024-02-06

  • We enabled pricing by region, allowing more detailed pricing configurations. This is especially helpful if you want or need to charge more for remote territories within a country.
  • We have added a configuration to turn off automatic clearing in our bookkeeping domain. The intended use is for clients not using NBX as a full sub-ledger, which leads us to be unable to fully clear in any case, leaving an inconsistent state. Document OPOS is unaffected by this change.
  • It is now possible to configure multiple vat-ids per operating site. This eases the setup for companies that operate from one country, but are tax-registered in another without having set up a separate operating site for it.

Release 2024-01-15

Happy New Year! Here are our first improvements for this year:

Release 2023-12-18

  • We introduced a new config for Document Date determination on the Billing Group Level. Currently, the document date will always be the date when NBX creates the document. The new config allows you to change that to a Document Date according to the Billing Period.
    This solves the problem that some ERP systems require the document date to be the same as the booking period they want to book it in instead of relying on data on item level.
  • You can now create Plans with delayed billing. That is: Contracts for those plans will be billed a (configurable) amount of time after the end of the billing period. This allows some time for all transactions (like usages) from the billing period to be transferred to Nitrobox so they can all be easily billed together with subscription elements.
  • Now, Options that aren't being used by a Contract can be updated without creating an Option version.
  • Fixed a bug where the country Norway was, at times, wrongly translated as "Nein" in the German translations.
  • Information
    The next regular scheduled release will be skipped due to the holidays. The next release will be on 2024-10-15.
    We from Nitrobox wish you all happy holidays and a great new year! 🎄

Release 2023-12-04

  • Added a simplified view for our contract individualization feature that can be toggled on or off. This view only allows price changes to be made to better guide the most used case.
  • We restructured our Order view to better show allowances (reductions) and also provide the sum for the entire order volume in one convenient view

Release 2023-11-20

  • We've released our contract individualization feature. This allows users to easily create a contract based on an existing plan by changing some of its configurations, such as different prices or different billing terms. This will create an individual plan in the background, which you can now see in the Webportal for which quick filters are available.
  • We've added new oposCaseUpdated notifications, allowing you to react in real-time when an OPOS case has been updated.