Release 2022-05-09

  • We’ve released the first version of language translations for our document PDFs! This now allows users to manage multiple languages themselves, without having to request a change from their CSM. It does not allow for changes in the design of the template but instead what terms can be used in different languages, for example, if it could be called "creditnote" or "creditmemo".

  • Users can now easily navigate from Customer Details to the associated debtor account, to find any necessary of debtor bookings.

  • Users can now create or delete new API keys themselves via the webportal for the Client Credential flow using keycloak. See also on how to authenticate against our application. (Note for those using the non keycloak auth at this time: The keycloak token url is different from the one currently used).

  • Item Extras are now visible on document items. You can now see on document level the reductions applied to the item.

  • Fixed a lot of smaller bugs.

  • Improved the password reset process.

Release 2022-04-19

  • To improve automation and reduce manual effort in matching payments to invoices NBX now also sends the invoice reference ident like an order number or contract number when creating a new payment intent.

  • Remedied CVE-2022-22965 vulnerability to protect client data.

  • To reduce the chance that manual creation of booking entries leads to duplication, we improved the confirmation notification (there is now a green "success" in the top right plus the list of booking entries being cleared on the successful creation of the booking entries).

  • Foreign Exchange rates used to evaluate foreign currency positions in the accounting can now be delivered to the Nbx system via API instead of using the integrated rates provided by fixer. This allows tenants to use the same FX rates that are also used in other systems to ensure greater consistency. The fx rates used on each day can now also be viewed in the Webportal under Configuration -> Global -> Exchange rates. {enter also link to API doc after live deployment)

  • When evaluating new accounting positions we now use the latest available rates for the given currency instead of depending on the rate on the booking date. This leads to the evaluated positions to better reflect their current value in the functional currency.

  • To find which Billing Group holds the overall default Business Segment used more easily, we added the default flag on the Billing Groups view.

Release 2022-04-04

  • Customers can now be edited via the Webportal: a feature that previously only available via API can now also be used in our Webportal.

  • If you put a Purchase Item on hold previously to clarify it you can now decide after clarification if you want to bill the Purchase Item immediately or with the next invoice that is regularly scheduled to be created, giving you more flexibility in how to handle support cases.

  • Removed duplicate entry of the NBX attachment endpoints in the NBX API documentation.

  • We now offer a "NBX cloud storage" solution to archive documents with us instead of using our certified 3rd party archiving provider. While the NBX cloud storage does not fulfill standard legal requirements so it is strongly recommended to use our partner to securely store your documents. If you have your own archiving solutions however this new storage will allow some limited storage at nbx while you transfer the documents to your system. This solution also offers an easy entry point for starting out and testing out product! If you are interested in this solution feel free to reach out!

  • We now offer a 30 days Free trial for anyone interested - feel free to request your trial today!

Release 2022-03-21

  • Implemented a link for contracts, orders and documents to their associated billing group and business segment. This link can be viewed within the Webportal.

  • Added the possibility to edit and update the details of an option. Information like the options name, description, item group or tax scheme can be updated directly in the Webportal. This will cause newly created items and all items that weren't processed yet that were created from the option to have the updated information.

  • Added additional tool-tips to our Webportal to improve usability.

  • Certain actions on Purchase Items such as canceling them, putting them "on hold" or releasing "on hold" items can now be done to multiple items at the same time, which improves usability.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause billable items that ran into errors weren't reprocessed automatically after they were edited to fix the problem.

  • Extended the details page of payment intents in the Webportal. The details page now holds additional information like the debtor, business segment and status of its associated payment transaction.

  • Enabled the possibility to add the option of how to deliver documents to a specific customer. This information will be stored at the customer and can be edited afterwards.

Release 2022-03-07

  • Enabled the feature of on demand orders. The on demand orders will not directly create an invoice when an order or purchase item is created but rather when it was triggered by an API call for example due to a successful delivery.

  • Services or products that are created out of the same contract that hold different tax schemes like OSS will now be billed on separate documents.

  • Improved the overall usability of our Webportal. Therefor we increased the visibility of error messages and fixed a bug that changed the language of the Webportal to the default language of the browser. Additionally we improved the visibility of the status of a cancelled purchase item in our Webportal to get a better overview.

  • Improved the visibility of assigned payments of a specific invoice. Therefor we added an overview of all assigned payments to the invoice object in our Webportal.

  • Added a link to our changelog and documentation directly within our Webportal. These links are always visible at the top left corner of the page.

  • Removed the possibility to set the document date in our Webportal. This function will still be available via API calls.

  • Fixed a bug that caused a zero value billable item in the case of an extraordinary termination of a contract.

Release 2022-02-21

  • Implemented the possibility to terminate contracts extraordinary in the past. This will result in a cancellation of purchase items that have already been created within the contract but have not been billed yet like recurring base fees. Also items that have already been billed but after the selected termination date will be credited to the customer.

  • Extended the functionality of the service period of purchase items. This enables a more precise calculation of partial service periods that result out of extraordinary terminations. This service period can now be displayed on credit note documents.

  • Enabled the process of creating an order without purchase items. This helps to create an empty frame of an order and add purchase items to it later on.

  • Extended the validation for the creation process of purchase items. If a purchase item will be created within a contract that is part of a billing group the specific service country of the purchase item needs to be configured for the billing group.

  • Implemented the possibility to filter payment transactions and settlement item information within our Webportal.

  • Fixed a bug that blocked the cancellation of purchase items that have been edited.

Release 2022-02-08

  • Added and extended a list of contracts and orders within the invoice object as well as a list of business segments that are associated with these contracts and orders of the invoice object. This helps to get a direct link of all references that are part of an invoice object.

  • Added the payment information to invoice objects that are created out of multiple contracts or orders. Invoice documents will now be split up if the billed positions have different payment methods.

  • Added the possibility to define the tax scheme of plan options. Tax schemes help to differentiate between business tax cases.

  • Implemented the possibility to cancel multiple orders and terminate multiple contracts within one request. Due to cancellation and termination of multiple orders and contracts at the same time all cancelled positions can be billed on the same credit note.

  • Enabled the possibility to add a service country and a delivery date to purchase items within our Webportal.

  • Enabled the possibility to add multiple properties to an order within the creation process of an order in our Webportal.

  • Added the possibility to view, create and edit operating sites within our Webportal. Operating sites help to create multiple legal entities for a business for example within different countries.

Release 2022-01-24

  • Extended the status of a contract by the tags "terminated" and "canceled". With the status of a contract it is possible to view if a contract has been terminated or canceled or if it's still active. Additionally it is also possible to filter contracts within the Webportal by its status.

  • Enabled the possibility to change the default business segment of a tenant within the Webportal. The default business segment will be used when no business segment ID is sent for example while creating a new order.

  • Implemented the possibility of displaying the business segment ID within the Webportal. The business segment ID can be viewed at the billing group details pages and can be used to create orders and contracts within a specific business segment.

  • Enabled the possibility to access all contracts or orders directly from their associated invoice document. Due to the new feature of billing groups multiple contracts or orders can be billed on the same document. These orders and contracts can now be viewed from the details page of the invoice in our Webportal. A list of all associated contracts can also be received directly via API within the notification service.

  • Fixed an issue that caused errors when filtering the payment transactions in our Webportal by the payment merchant account.

Release 2022-01-10

  • Finished the implementation of the "Billing Group" feature. We now also support the process of order or purchase item cancellation and contract termination for documents that billed multiple contracts or orders on one invoice.

  • Fixed a bug that blocked some documents from being shown in the order and contract view within our Webportal. This issue was caused by the "Billing Group" feature due to the relationship of multiple contracts and orders with one document.

  • Fixed an issue that blocked the extraordinary termination of a contract when the termination date was set outside of the defined duration of the contract.

Release 2021-12-13

  • After having prepared the process of grouping several contracts in one document in the last release, we have further developed this function. Therefore, we have implemented the possibility to print debit and credit positions on the same document and not have separate documents for different position types. The grouping of multiple items of the same contract within one document is fully configurable in our web portal by setting the separation parameter of a billing group.

  • Enabled the possibility to add a service country when creating a new option in our web portal. This helps to get a more specific configuration of plans and options.

  • The possibility to cancel certain purchase items of contracts and orders has been implemented. This can now be done within our web portal in the detailed view of an order or contract.

  • Added the ability to add properties when creating a new contract in our web portal. The properties help to give a more detailed description to a contract.