Release 2022-09-21

  • Billable Items are now created two Billing Periods in advance. This will enable users to do small forecasts.
  • We now offer exchange rates for 161 currencies, up from the previous 24.
  • Received deposits are now clearly shown on every Order page with deposits.
  • Our statistic widgets now also support "per week" views.
  • When creating a new customer users can now designate the customer's Debtor Booking Account Number to be used in Nitrobox if the user wants to sync the account numbers with our system.

Release 2022-09-05

  • We've expanded one of our core features. There is now multicountry support for recurring and one-time Options. While previously you had to define one option per country, now you only need to define one option overall and the correct price is picked based on on the country of the contract. This will reduce the number of Options and Plans you have to define and administer if your business operates internationally.
    Note: This multi-pricing is not available yet for usage-based options.

Release 2022-08-22

  • Payments can now be manually assigned to Orders. If a customer paid their Order before he received an invoice you can now manually assign the payment to the order and handle it as a deposit (and book it accordingly).
  • Payment category can now be changed freely via the Webportal in case the automatically assigned category was wrong. If the payment is already assigned to a document you first have to reverse the assignment before you can change the category. A booking rule can also be configured for those category changes.
  • A Billing Group can now be configured to automatically created Deposit Invoices for Orders. If enabled, each time a Order is created with "agreed deposits" a Deposit Invoice is created for those.
  • Plans can now be duplicated in our Webportal. If you want to create various different Plans with for example the same contract and billing intervals but different options, you don't have to configure the Plans from scratch - take an existing one, hit "copy Plan" and you will get a prefilled creation window where you only need to change the differences.
  • Our recurring and one time options now supports the configuration of different prices for different countries. Previously you would have to create one option (and plan) per country - no longer! Just set the countries and their prices and then at contract creation specify under which country the contract was signed - and it will be billed with that countries prices accordingly.
  • Document labels are now also displayed on document details view
  • Multiple bank accounts within one EBICS account is now supported.

Release 2022-08-04

  • We have enabled a new "Interactive Product Demo" feature for users to help you understand our product better.
  • We added a Resource Center that allows you to access the "Interactive Product Demo" and also allows quick access to our documentation.
  • Notification Self Service! Under "Global -> Notification" you can now configure your own. You can find their descriptions here: Under this new configuration you can also view notifications that were sent out.
  • "Export mode" when creating purchase items. With the potential complexity when creating a purchase item we have decided to have a now default simplified view with only the most important pieces of information of the item. For more complex items, for example when discounts or deposits are involved, or more specialized data needs to be added, you can do so after enabling the expert mode on the top right.
  • For Purchase Item creation you no longer have to provide tax or gross values. If you are using the Nitrobox tax engine we can do the calculation of the correct tax- and gross value for you if you like.

Release 2022-07-25

  • Added labeling to documents: You can now label each document in the Webportal and filter by label, adding an additional way to organize the portal.
  • Added a "Manage Tenant" role. All tenant configuration in the webportal is now limited to this role. All Users with the "Manage User" role automatically received this new role as well.

Release 2022-07-18

  • You can now enable automatic currency fluctuation bookings. You can find more a more detailed description about this new feature in our documentation: Book Currency Fluctuations
  • 'Allowances' can now be added to Orders via API for reductions in the total amount without referencing any specific item. It can for example be used for discounts or reductions due to government grants associated with the Order itself.
  • We integrated "Mollie" as an additional PSP option.
  • Our "Document Archived" notifications now also contain a direct link to the document pdf in question. If you are logged into our system you can view the pdfs with a simple click! It is even easier when using the enterprise SSO option.
  • You can now delete Booking Accounts if no bookings have occurred on them yet in case you created one by
  • Order and Contract properties can now be edited using the portal.
  • Improved reliability and speed for our certified archiving.
  • Fixed a bug where the Quantity Type wasn't displayed correctly in the portal.

Release 2022-06-13

  • Plans can now be created without Options attached to them. This allows business models that don't have any predefined charges but should still be billed according to the billing terms as defined in the Plan. You can create a Plan with billing at the end of every month, then create your contracts, and add products or services to them via additional 'PurchaseItems' which are then billed at the end of each month.
  • Added a feature that "enforces" the billing of contracts at the start or end of synced billing terms. Currently a contract would first be billed on the contract start date - with the new feature you can "force" it to be created on the first of the month instead. This can reduce the number of invoices your customers receive, as it ensures that all contracts are billed at the first of each month. This does not work if the billing interval has already started. In this case the contract would be billed immediately.
  • Fixed several bugs

Release 2022-06-02

  • In order to correctly bill multi purpose voucher you can now send "postTaxItems" along with your purchase items - indicating a reduction in the 'amountDue' of the item. This reduction however does affect the tax amount you need to provide to your tax authority.
  • 'ItemExtras' and 'PostTaxItemsExtras' can now be viewed in the webportal.
  • Fixed a bug where not all 'BillableItems' of a contract were created that has:
    -> billing at the end of the billing period
    -> without being synced to full months
    -> and the contract was created with a start date several months in the past.

Release 2022-05-16

  • Various performance improvements that speed up the use of the Webportal for large amount of data. You should see a noticeable increase in speed when fetching Documents for example.

Release 2022-05-09

  • We’ve released the first version of language translations for our document PDFs! This now allows users to manage multiple languages themselves, without having to request a change from their CSM. It does not allow for changes in the design of the template but instead what terms can be used in different languages, for example, if it could be called "creditnote" or "creditmemo".

  • Users can now easily navigate from Customer Details to the associated debtor account, to find any necessary of debtor bookings.

  • Users can now create or delete new API keys themselves via the webportal for the Client Credential flow using keycloak. See also on how to authenticate against our application. (Note for those using the non keycloak auth at this time: The keycloak token url is different from the one currently used).

  • Item Extras are now visible on document items. You can now see on document level the reductions applied to the item.

  • Fixed a lot of smaller bugs.

  • Improved the password reset process.