Release 2023-05-23

  • Order allowances can now also be updated and deleted.
  • Users can now configure a "Contract Expired" notification, that will notify you at the end of a contract. This could be used in your processes, for example, to trigger the deactivation of licenses.
  • Contract activation is now available via our Webportal. Users can prepare a Contract ahead of time for a customer even when the contract delivery date is undefined (such as when an installation of hardware might still be required). Users may later "activate" the Contract and thus start its billing.

Release 2023-05-16

  • Our Contract Quantity feature is officially released! Users can now decide the quantity a given option should be billed for at Contract creation. For example, one Contract handles the subscription for one license, and another contract -based on the same Plan- is used for 50 licenses.
  • During Plan creation, users can now determine if an Option should be mandatory when creating a Contract or could be an optional add-on. Users decide at Contract creation if and how many of each Options will be billed.
  • We restructured the Order and Contract creation views to provide better guidance when manually handling those entities and make it look quite a bit nicer!
  • We reworked how our operational notification feature worked. While previously users had more of an audit log at their disposal which just listed all attempts made to send a notification to their system, users now have a list of actual notification instances. Looking into the details of such a notification users will find the log of attempts for this very notification here, making it easier to gain an overview of any specific issues their integration with our system could have. Users can also easily copy the requests we send to your API or the responses they answer us with, making debugging issues trivial.
  • Users can now also "retry all failed notifications" with a single click.
  • Addresses can now also contain properties, allowing users to provide additional information about the addresses of said users' customers, such as place of delivery if they wanted to print this on the invoice document, for example.

Release 2023-05-08

  • Extended visibility of customer data in our Webportal.
  • Fixed a bug where leading or trailing spaces weren't correctly shown in our translation service.

Release 2023-04-24

  • Our revenue recognition feature is now fully configurable via the Webportal. To use it, simply add a "Deferral Account" to the Revenue Account. If a booking entry with a service period spanning at least 2 months is created for this Revenue Account, then the booking is deferred and recognition bookings are automatically created for the upcoming periods.

Release 2023-04-10

  • The Option Allowance feature is out of beta.
  • You can now delete and update Option Allowances.
  • Order level allowances can now be viewed in the Webportal. Be aware that they are currently not considered in the Order totals.
  • Fixed a bug where the unit price of a usage wasn't correctly displayed after pooling.
  • We clarified a warning where a user would try to assign an invoice to a payment that was previously assigned.

Release 2023-03-27

  • We released a new feature into Beta: Option Allowances. With Option Allowances, you can add a discount or voucher to the upcoming billing of an option. For example, want to award a loyal customer with a discount? Give them 50% off their next month's subscription!
    This feature is still in Beta, so it is recommended that you only try it in the staging environment. It is expected to be officially released within the next month.
  • We reworked the payment details view so you can find the information you are looking for faster.
  • Quality of Life (QoL) improvement: During Order creation, you can now delete a line item immediately without having to start the Order creation process again from the beginning.
  • Tax Rules can now be filtered by country.

Release 2023-03-13

  • You can now view operating sites used in contracts and orders.
  • We've removed the view of the deprecated OPOS v1 information, which previously was superseded by the OPOS Case feature. This change gives a more accurate view of the open positions of the given transaction.
  • Moved buttons around to more convenient locations. The "Add Order" button moved from the top right of the Customer Details view to the Orders tab in the same view. The "Add Usage" button moved from the top right of the Contract Details view to the Usages tab in the same view.
  • Fixed a bug that impacted our throughput during our monthly billing run.

Release 2023-02-27

  • We added additional product types to differentiate between buying and renting. This enables you to have different tax rules, pick different revenue accounts or display it differently on your document PDFs.
  • You can now pick either a gross or a net value and have the taxes calculated accordingly when setting up new products as options, whereas before we only allowed the configuration of net value in Options.
  • Options can now have their own properties, so you add additional data and granularity to your specific Use Case.
  • We added color-coding to our payment table to make it easier to see which are debit payments and which are credit payouts at a glance.

Release 2023-02-06

  • We enabled our Self Billing Feature in this release. Self Billing is used when you have an agreement with your supplier that you are creating the documents instead of the supplier. This feature allows you to create Self Billing Line Items which will be billed on a respective Self Billing Invoice.
    For example, you can have a bi-directional business with one of your suppliers: You render service to them and they to you (think commissions). In this case, you can create one invoice to bill the services rendered by you (debit process), and the Self Billing Invoice to bill the service rendered by your supplier (credit process).
    During the implementation of this feature, we have also decided to deprecate our Purchase Items and recommend migration to the (very similar) Line Items. Feel free to read for a quick migration guide.
  • In the default pdf template, we enabled translation functionality so you can customize your pdf documents to some extent.
  • We now display more detailed errors for notifications that we were unable to send to your system before. This allows you to spot integration problems quickly.

Release 2023-01-23

  • Performance of document lookup has been improved. Queries are completed faster.
  • Small improvements were made to the UI:
    • Document pdfs can now be opened in a new tab.
    • Downloading document pdfs now suggest .pdf as default file extension.
    • The Icons used for actions were slightly changed to better fit inside the columns.