Release 2023-10-09

  • You can now also provide Customers' "tax number" in addition to their VAT ID. This number is required in some jurisdictions for e-invoicing and CTC processes. Examples are the Italian Codice Fiscale or the German Steuernummer.

  • Using our Contract API you can now add a new parameter called "slimResponse" that will return a smaller Response body without Line Items, Allowance, etc. Some Use Cases see many thousands of Line Items as part of an Order or Contract, which leads to long loading times when not slimming down the response.
    This "slimResponse" feature will be slowly rolled out to other entities as well, such as customers with many addresses.

  • Fixed a bug where the invoice correction process would duplicate the invoice address as the shipping address for the customer if there was no previous shipping address.

Release 2023-09-27

  • We added a new Notification for "Settlement Created".
  • We created a new Line Item Details view that allows users to find all information about a Line Item in one place. This includes attached discounts, agreed deposits, etc. Some of this information was previously not available in the well-known table view.
  • Fixed a Bug where in Firefox you were able to type letters in the UI in form fields that should only allow numbers.

Release 2023-09-11

  • We added pagination to the Line Items of the Contract and Order Details view. Now you can easily navigate the Items if you have more than 20 on a single Contract or Order.
  • Fixed a bug where Orders were sorted the wrong way around.

Release 2023-08-28

  • We enabled the standard add, edit, and delete functionality for Line Items that have agreed deposits. This allows our users to react and adapt the products or services they aim to provide to their customers who have already paid for it partly via a deposit. Any change can also lead to automated bookings to better reflect the changed Line Item on the Order.
  • We added a "payment health status" to our Customer Payment Accounts. That enables you to see at first glance if there have been issues with charging the Customer Payment Account.
  • For "payment assignment reversed" notifications we've added a reference to the original assignment that was reverted.

Release 2023-08-14

  • As stated in our last release we have removed HTTP support and only support HTTPs from here on out.
  • You can now configure and use different VAT taxes based on regions within a country. That allows you for example in the case of Spain to configure different tax rates on Spain's Mainland, the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla (IPSI) as well as a different tax for the Canary Islands (IGIC).

Release 2023-08-03

This release was a big bigger - Please click above to see the detailed view of what has changed

Release 2023-07-17

  • We added contract migration support! If you already have a running subscription business and want NBX to start billing your subscriptions within their life cycle you can now specify a "Billing Start Date" and NBX will take care of all billing periods after that date.
  • We introduced a new "Dunning archived" notification you can subscribe to. This will inform you whenever an invoice has surpassed the next dunning level and a pdf has been archived that can be sent to your customer.
  • Various webportal improvements:
    • Improved some response messages in our webportal, like user deletion messages.
    • We renamed "amount" to "quantity" where appropriate to clarify which values are about the number of things and not the monetary amount.
    • Improved the "create Usage Option" user experience. You now need fewer steps to correctly create such an Option.

Release 2023-07-04

  • You can now add additional non-mandatory Options to Plans already in use.
    For example, let's say you have a mobile phone plan with a fixed 9,99€/month base fee with an Option for your customers to book an additional +5GB/month data for 1,99€/month.
    Now you can offer an additional +10GB/month for 2,99€/month for the same plan with your customers being able to pick either one (or none) - previously you would've needed to create a new Plan for this to work.
  • It is now also possible to change the payment details of Contracts and Orders, allowing your customers to change payment methods. Do your customers start using your great product so much that paying via CC starts posing a challenge due to fees? Ask them to transfer the money instead via wire transfer.
  • Fixed a bug where an overpayment of an invoice didn't correctly display its OPOS status.

Release 2023-06-19

  • Usages that have not been billed yet can now be deleted from the system so you can comfortably remove wrongly sent Usages.
  • We increased Usage Billing Transparency. You can now more easily figure out on which document a given Usage was billed.
  • Terminated contracts can now also be canceled! Does a customer of yours want to terminate their contract but is still within the revocation period, and you'd rather cancel the contract? This is easily accomplished now. See also
  • We've made the payment settlement reports available via webportal, so you can easily browse individual reports and their associated settlements.

Release 2023-06-05

  • You can now provide a "notice day" when regularly terminating contracts. This allows you to provide a date from which to calculate the actual end date of the contract.
  • When setting up your Plan you can now specify a minimum Quantity of two and more for your subscriptions and one-time options. As an example, say your business is about selling subscriptions to lend out bikes to local distributors, but you don't want to specify that each of your customers signs a contract of at least 100 bike subscriptions, you can now enforce that in the billing in Nitrobox as well with this extension.