Merchant Payment Accounts

To add a merchant payment account, navigate to: Configuration > Payment > Merchant Payment Account > Merchant Payment Account Overview

Now, click the "Add" button in the top left corner of the overview page to add a new account and an overlay opens.

Fill in the data fields ident and name and select country, currency and payment provider from the drop-down menu. To use the new merchant payment account immediately, please set the "Activate account" switch to active.

Add more currencies to the merchant payment account

If you want to add more than one currency to the new merchant payment account, click the "Add more accepted currencies" button. A new drop-down menu entry appears for you to select the currency. Repeat this step if you want to add further currencies. If you want delete a currency, click the "Delete" icon next to the currency entry.

Click the "Save" button to save the new merchant payment account and it will be listed immediately in the overview. Click the "Discard" button to cancel the action instead of saving it.


After the merchant payment account has been created, it can be integrated into a merchant payment gateway.

To learn more about how to make adjustments to a merchant payment account, click here.