Create Customers

Let's see how you can create a new customer in the Nitrobox Webportal.

Step 1: Open the customer overview

To create a new customer click “Billing” in the main navigation on the left side. Select the menu item “Customers” to get to the customer overview. Click the „+ Add“ button in the top left corner of the overview and an overlay window opens.

Step 2: Add a new customer and fill out the customer data

Fill in the listed fields with the customer data. Since some fields require explanation, here are a few notes.

Customer type
Select the correct customer type by choosing B2B, B2C, AFFILIATED or OTHER from the drop-down menu. The customer type is important to define booking and tax rules at a later stage. If you select the customer types B2B, AFFILIATED or OTHER, the two additional data fields "Company" and "Department" will appear.

Customer number
The customer number will be parsed into the debtorIdent and is a unique external identifier to find a customer in the Nitrobox system. The ident is set when a customer is created and can be a reference to an identifier in another system. The customer number field is mandatory and the number needs to be unique.

If you want to add additional data fields to the customer entry, use the “Add property” button. Click the button and two new data fields named “Property ident” and “Property value” will appear. The properties refer exclusively to the selected customer and do not appear as data fields in other customer entries.

Example: You want to add the "Loyalty program card number" data field to the customer entry.
Property ident: Loyalty program card number
Property value: 123456789 (number of the card)

Example: You would like to add the data field "State" to the customer entry.
Property ident: State
Property value: Bavaria (your customer's state)

You can repeat the process as many times as you like to add further properties. According to your requirements properties can then be listed on customer documents such as contracts or invoices. More about properties here.


Step 3: Confirm and save the new customer data

After filling in the customer data fields, click the "Save" button in the lower right corner to add the new customer. A confirmation note will pop up. The new customer will be listed in the customer overview.

If you want to cancel instead of save the new customer, click “Discard” and the overlay window will close.