Order Management

Discover the Nitrobox Order Management service that helps you bill and invoice all your orders. Whatever your business model requests, process your orders on demand or immediately. Let's take a closer look at how this works.

Process your orders: on demand or immediately

Different business models have different order management requirements. In addition to the classic "on demand" processing type, digital business models often require the immediate processing of orders.

Therefore, with the Nitrobox Platform, you can easily choose between the two processing types.

On demand
Create your order in the system and process it at a later time, e.g. when the goods are shipped.

If you want to process your order directly, e.g. digital products, create your order and select "process immediately" - and billing and invoicing will take place at once.

Create, view, modify, or cancel your orders

The Nitrobox Platform enables you to create, view, modify or cancel orders. The following subpages will help you navigate these various order management scenarios and show you how it's done.