Translation Management

Selling internationally is a great competitive advantage. But this is compounded by the challenge of addressing customers in their native language. Have documents automatically created in a wide range of languages with the Nitrobox Platform. Learn more about the translation management feature that enables you to create and edit translations for all your documents.

To enter the translation management, navigate to: Configuration > Global > Document Translation > Document Translation Overview

The translation management overview is a table of keys and languages that are defined for your tenant. The key is the placeholder for a specific field or section in your document templates. This allows documents in different languages to be generated automatically from the respective template.

In the overview each column represents a certain language and each line a specific key. The naming of the language columns is to be understood as follows: the small letters stand for the language and the capital letters stand for the associated locale.

Example: en_US
Language: English
Locale: USA

Create a translation key

If you want to add a new field or section to your documents, you have to create a new key in the translation management.

To add a new key, click the "Add key" button in the top left corner and an overlay opens. Enter the name of the key and, if you like, a description of what the key stands for.

Now fill in the translation data for all defined languages. Note: It is not possible to enter translations for individual languages only. All language fields must be filled in. Click "Save" to add your new key or click "Discard" and the action will be cancelled. After you add the new key, it will be listed in the translation table.

Now contact the Nitrobox support team to have the key added to the respective document templates.

Edit a translation key

If you want to change or update a specific field or section on your documents, you can edit the key with just a few clicks.

To do so, click the "Edit" button at the end of the entry line you want to update. The key overlay opens listing the data fields for all your defined languages. Make your adjustments, then click "Save". If you want to cancel the action, click "Discard". The changes will be applied immediately to new documents.

Delete a translation key

Note: Please always update the templates before removing keys from the document translation to avoid display errors in the documents.

If a certain key is no longer used in your templates, you can delete it from the document translation.

To delete a translation key, click the "Delete" icon at the end of the respective entry line. An overlay opens. Click "Confirm" to delte the key or "Discard" to cancel the action and keep the key.