Operating Sites

The operating site carries the data of the legal entity that is legally required for billing and accounting, such as company name, address, tax number, commercial register number, and directors. It contains all data needed to identify the issuer of billing documents, such as invoices.

A tenant can have multiple operating sites, as a legal entity can have headquarters and non-self-sustaining subsidiaries.

The operating site data is usually printed on the pdf documents send to the end customers. When adding new orders, contracts, invoices etc the operating site that will fulfill the transaction can be specified.

Multiple Tax Registrations

If you provide a service to multiple countries from one operating site, you might be required to register with the local tax authorities. In this case, you can configure one operating site to use different vat-ids depending on the country the document is taxable in.

Operating Site Example:

The legal entity Charging GmbH has its headquarters in Hamburg and a non-self-sustaining subsidiary in Berlin. The HQ in Hamburg also services the Netherlands.

Operating site 1:
Charging GmbH
Ladeplatz 1
20357 Hamburg

Vat-ID DE: DE123456789
Vat-ID NL: NL987654321

Operating site 2:
Charging GmbH
Operating Site Berlin
Stromstraße 2
10115 Berlin

Vat-ID DE: DE123456789

Where to configure your Operating Sites

Using the Nitrobox Webportal, you will find your Operating Site Configuration under Configurations -> Global -> Operating Sites