Action Buttons

When you use the Nitrobox Webportal, you will come across a number of action buttons that allow you to perform various operations.

The overview pages contain an "Actions" column, which is regularly located at the right end of the table. Take a look at the overview pages, such as customer overview, plan overview, contract overview, billing group overview, payment overview etc. to see this column.

Each entry on the overview page has icons at the end of its row in the "Actions" column that you can use to perform operations.

Let's see what icons you can find:

"Three parallel bars" / "Three dots" icon

The Nitrobox Webportal contains a number of overview pages. These can be the customer overview, the plan overview, contract overview, payment overview and so on.

Each entry listed on such an overview page has an area at the end of its line where you can perform actions. You can recognize this action area by the three parallel bars resp. three dots on top of each other.

When you click on the icon, a small submenu opens where you can select the action you want to perform. Click on the respective action to start the process.

"Document with dog ear/ bent corner" icon

The document icon with the dog ear or bent corner you often find at the end of data entries listed on overview pages. It stands for the action "See/display details". Clicking on the document icon will take you to the details page of the respective entry, e.g. customer details page, contract details page, plan details page, etc., where you can see/ manage all the related data of the entry.

"Trash can" icon

The trash can icon is well known and represents the "Delete" function. If you want to delete an entry, click the trash can icon and the entry will be gone.

Note: Be careful with this operation, because it can lead to the immediate deletion of the entry without asking whether the entry should really be deleted.