Properties are optional data fields extending our data model by properties specific to your business. They can be listed on customer documents such as contracts or invoices, or used for reporting purposes.

Throughout the Nitrobox Platform you will have the option to add properties to nearly all data objects. Properties refer exclusively to the respective case where you add them (customer, order, plan etc.) and do not appear as data fields in other places. You can add as many as you like.

You want to add a property for "Bonus points" to an order, as the customer gets 500 bonus points for his purchase and the bonus points are to be listed on the invoice:

Property key: bonus_points
Property value: 500


Restrictions on property keys

We strongly advice to name all property keys required in "lower snake case" as described above.

Please do not make use of spaces or any special characters other than '_' such as '.' or '$'.