A well-functioning automated dunning process not only helps you to improve your company's financial health, forecasting and saves time and resources, but also contributes to reducing the risk of bad debts and building stronger customer relationships. Learn more about the Nitrobox dunning process that allows you to create and send automated dunning letters.

Automated dunning

Remind your customers automatically of outstanding receivables and manage your individual multi-level dunning process. Nitrobox offers a dunning feature that comprises a reminder process with up to 4 steps. This allows you to map your company-specific dunning process and add respective charges for late payments.

The dunning feature includes the automatic creation and sending of up to 4 consecutive dunning documents, which can be customized according to your company's design and requirements, e.g. payment reminder, 1st warning, 2nd warning, 3rd/last warning.

Define individual reminder intervals and specify after how many days after invoicing the respective dunning level should be initiated.

It is also possible to connect your collection agency to automatically transfer the invoice to collection after x unsuccessful reminder steps.

Configure the dunning process

To configure your individual dunning process, go to: Global > Dunning configuration


Don't activate the "Automated dunning" switch until

you have configured the dunning process and the dunning templates have been uploaded to the system.

As stated above, please ignore the "Activate automated dunning" switch until the dunning process and templates have been configured. The activation of the switch is the last step.

Step 1: Select the number of dunning levels you want to configure from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Then define in days when the respective dunning level should start. This interval value is always based on the start date of the previous dunning level. For dunning level 1, this value refers to the invoice creation date.

Step 3: To upload the respective dunning templates to the system, please contact the Nitrobox Support. The template upload feature is not yet available via the Webportal.

Step 4: When the dunning levels are defined and the templates are uploaded, set the "Activate automated dunning" switch to active to start the automated dunning service.

View the dunning notifications

When a dunning document has been sent to a customer, a notification is created and can be accessed in the Webportal. View the notification in the "Notification overview".

To get there, go to: Global > Notifications

Select the respective notification and a dunning information table opens below. To view more details such as invoice number, dunning level, number of trials, click the "Details" button at the end of the entry.

View dunning documents

If you use Nitrobox's automated dunning process, you can review the created documents on the invoice details page.

To see the dunning documents, navigate to:

Billing > Documents > Invoice > Invoice details table > Tab "Attachments"