Payment Intents

A payment intent is the initiation process of a payment and this smart Nitrobox feature allows you to initiate payments via the Nitrobox Webportal with just a few clicks. Use it to charge, refund or pay out money to customers - in partial or full amounts.



The prerequisite for using the feature is that at least one customer payment account is stored for the customer. If this is not the case, you must add one before creating a payment intent. Learn more about how to add a payment account.

Create a payment intent for your customer

To create a payment intent, go to the detail page of the document for which you want to create the payment intent. These can be invoices, credit notes deposit invoices, or deposit credit notes.

You can access the document details page either via the customer entry, where the customer documents are listed in the bottom section or via the main navigation " Billing" / "Documents", where you first select the document type and then the respective document for which you want to create the payment intent.

Now, when you are on the document details page, click the "Create payment intent" button in the top right corner and an overlay opens.

Fill in the amount and select the customer payment account to be used for the payment from the drop-down menu.

Now, select the payment type according to your document:

  • Invoice: Charging
  • Invoice correction: Refund
  • Credit note: Payout

and add a statement descriptor.

Click the "Add" button to save the payment intent and start the payment process.
If you want to cancel the action instead of starting it, click the "Discard" button and the window will close.