The customer section is core to managing your customer data records inside of Nitrobox. It stores the history of your customers and acts as the entry point for working with a customer's billing information, contracts, subscription data, transactions, invoices, payments and more.

Customer overview

To see the customer overview, navigate to: Dashboard > Billing > Customers > Customer Overview

The customer overview shows all your customer accounts in table form. Use the filters to list the customers by different categories such as customer type, name, ID, country, account number and more.

Create a new customer by clicking the "+ Add" button in the top left corner. Learn more about creating a customer.

The customer overview provides a quick action column for each customer. Learn more about customer quick actions in the following section or visit the "Customer management" page.

Customer quick actions

If you go to the "Customer Overview" page, you find a quick actions area on the end of each customer entry. Let's take a closer look at this section and what you can do there:


Click the "Detail" button to access the detailed customer view and to see all customer-relevant data, orders, contracts and documents associated to that customer. Click the Customer Management page to learn more about the customer detail view.

Create documents

Use the quick action "Create documents" to create a customer-specific billing run. The billing run processes all existing orders and contracts of the selected customer that were created before the specified processing date into invoice documents. You can configure the processing date within the quick action process. It is set to the current date by default. After successful processing of the invoicing run, you can view and access all newly created documents in the customer detail view.

Add contract

Click the "Add contract" quick action to create a new contract, which will open a pop-up window. When creating a new contract for the customer, the customer selection step is skipped, as the customer is already selected. After successful creation of the new contract, you will find the contract in the detail view of the previously selected customer.