Manage Customers

The Nitrobox Webportal offers a detailed customer management that displays all customer-related data, contracts, orders, documents, and payment accounts. Perform various customer actions such as adding addresses, new payment accounts, or creating new orders.

Customer data overview

To see the customer details page, navigate to: Billing > Customers > Customer Overview

Click the "Details" button at the end of the customer entry you want to see and the customer details page opens.

The customer details consist of:

General customer data

This section includes the general customer data such as name, invoice/ shipping addresses, contact person, VAT-ID, etc. It also includes the "Debtor Ident", which is a unique external identifier to find a customer in the Nitrobox system. This identifier is set when a customer is created and can be a reference to an identifier in another system.

Customer-specific properties

These properties can be used to give a customer a more detailed description of certain attributes or to assign flexible characteristics to a customer. Learn more about properties.

Technical details

This data section lists the technical details of the customer such as debtor ident, account number, language, customer type and contractor reference ident, which is an external identifier that can be used to connect the Nitrobox system to a third-party system.

Edit and add customer addresses

There are two types of addresses: the invoice address and the shipping address.
The data you entered when you first created the customer has been placed in "Invoice address 1". It's the only location where you can edit the customer name.

To edit the "invoice address 1", click the "Edit" button next to the address.

If you want to add another address, e.g. a shipping address or another invoice address, click the "Add customer address" button in the top right corner. An overlay opens where you can select the address type "invoice" or "shipping". Fill in the address details and click "Save" to save the new address entry or "Discard" to cancel the operation.

Edit customer type or language

To edit the customer type or customer language, click the "Edit customer" button in the top right corner of the page. In the overlay that opens, you can edit the customer type and the language and also enter contractor references.

Customer actions

On the customer details page you can perform various actions.

Learn more about how to: