Manage Customer Payment Accounts

Customer payment data change. Learn more about how to edit customer payment accounts in the Nitrobox Webportal.

To edit a customer payment account, navigate to: Billing > Customers > Customer Overview

Select the customer entry you want to edit from the overview. Click the "Details" button at the end of the line to open the customer details paige.

Got to the table at the bottom of the customer details page. Click the "Customer payment accounts" column to open the customer's payment account overview.

Now, select the entry you want to modify and click the "Edit" button at the end of the entry. The editing window opens.

You can edit the data fields name, account holder name, payment method, payment method reference, payment provider reference, account creation date, and merchang payment gateway.

Click the "Save" button to save the payment account details or "Discard" to cancel the action.

Data field explanations

Since not all fields are self-explanatory, here is some more info on them:

Payment method reference

An external reference to identify the authorization or mandate of the payment method at the payment provider. This field is optional.

Payment provider reference

An external reference for the payment provider to identify the customer. When a payment intent for a customer's order or contract is called, this reference is used in a third-party system to identify the correct customer.

Account creation date

The date when the payment account was created at the payment provider. Required, e.g. for some external mandate managements in the SEPA environment.

Merchant payment gateway

A unique external reference to identify the merchant payment account that is associated with this account.

Click “Save” to add the new payment account. It will be listed in the billing data section “Payment accounts”. If you want to cancel instead of save the new payment account, click “Discard” and the window will close.