Reissue invoice

Reissue a specific invoice to have that invoice updated with corrected data. Within a Reissue, an invoice can be corrected because of the wrong invoice- or shipping address. Generally, a reissue leads always to a credit note that includes the reversed data from the corrected invoice and a new invoice with corrected data as the correction invoice. You can perform a reissue with new data in the request or update the customer data beforehand, but you cannot reissue the same document twice. Furthermore, the new address data sent in the request will not only update the address for the correction invoice but also update the address in the customer data. In case of shipping address correction, if the reissue address does not have a shipping address, a new shipping address will be created for the customer. The reissue can be also used to perform some template changes that are made beforehand and should be reflected on the correction invoice.