Query data using RSQL

RSQL is a query language for parameterized filtering of entries in RESTful APIs using an URI-friendly syntax for expressing filters.




Our GET-Endpoints usually support the following parameters:

  • search - the RSQL search query to filter entries by using different search criteria and operators
  • page - the page number to be returned, starting at 0
  • size - the number of entries to return for a page. A maximum of 100 is allowed.
  • orderBy - order by criteria
  • direction - direction 'asc' or 'desc' for ordering

Basic Operators

RSQL offers these basic operators:

==Equal To
!=Not Equal To
=gt=Greater Than
=ge=Greater Or Equal To
=lt=Less Than
=le=Less Or Equal To
=out=Not in

Multiple operators can be combined by joining them.

Joining Operators

;Logical AND
,Logical OR