For certain events, the Nitrobox can send a notification (via web hooks) to another system. Notifications must be activated and set up. Notifications are sent asynchronously. Notifications are used, for example, to pick up an invoice document that has just been generated and make it available to the customer, or to trigger further follow-up processes in a third party system (e.g. an e-commerce shop).

Available Notifications



technical identifier


Document created


A document has been created in the system. This notification is independent of the (PDF) file creation and archiving, which run as an asynchronous process.

Document archived


A document has been stored in the file archive and can now be accessed via the file end point.

Document updated


An already existing document was updated. This essentially refers to meta-information or the document status. In terms of content, documents are unchangeable.

Payment Intent Result


An Payment Intent was processed in conjunction with the stored Payment Service Provider.

Payment assigned


A payment has been assigned to a transaction. Payments can be assigned to a document or an order.

Contract created

A new contract (subscription) has been created.

Contract updated

An existing contract was updated.

Contract terminated

An existing contract was terminated in a regular manner.

Contract canceled

An existing contract was terminated extraordinarily.

Contract renewed

An existing contract has been extended by the term defined in the plan.

Customer created


A new customer record has been created.

Customer updated

An existing customer has been changed.

Address created

A new address record has been created for a customer.

Address updated

An existing address record for a customer has been changed.

Order created

A new order has been created.

Order updated

An existing order has been changed.

Order canceled

An existing order has been cancelled.

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