API lifecycle and versioning

API Versioning

The Nitrobox API is a versioned API to allow backwards compatibility and easy transitions to new, better APIs and processes.

To enable this transition, we ensure that all our APIs remain stable and backward compatible for at least one year after the respective version reaches its end of life.

The go live of a new API version triggers this 1-year period. In this case, we will also provide upgrade paths for all changes to ensure a smooth transition for all our customers.


  • 2020-11-19 API Version 2 is the stable version
  • 2021-10-01 New API Version 3 is officially published - API Version 2 "end of life" period of one year starts
  • 2022-10-01 API Version 2 is being retired, the API is no longer available

API endpoints (or fields) that will be removed in future APIs are marked as deprecated in the current API version to alert anyone who is re-integrating our API to use the existing alternatives that will make it definitely into the new API.

Current users are also free to switch to the new APIs to take advantage of their benefits without having to wait for the official announcement of a new API.


Lifetime of deprecated APIs

Deprecated APIs will continue to be available for at least one year after a new API version is released.