View Order Details

After you create an order, you can review all order-related information on the order details page.
Scroll down the details page to find a table with the following sections:

Billable items

Click the "Billable items" section to see the list of processed billable items. At the end of each entry you can click the "Details" button to take a look at the processed data, such as prices and taxes.


If an order has not been paid yet, it will appear in the OPOS section. There, you can see the status of the order as well as the payment info.


Nitrobox enables you to add attachments to the billing documents. If you work with attachments, they are listed in this section.

Billing documents

To see the billing documents that belong to the order, click the "Documents" section. At the end of the entry you can see the status. Review, download or print documents by clicking the "Open pdf" button. To check the document details or take further actions, click the "Details" button.

The billing document detail page will open, where you can check detail info such as booking entries, payment intents, and payment assignments. Learn more about the customer details page here.