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The client is the owner of the Nitrobox license contract, which is the top-level entity in the Nitrobox system and displays the contractual relationship with Nitrobox.

The client "Digital Car Company AG" has a contract with Nitrobox including two licenses (for the two tenants "Charging GmbH" and "Platform GmbH", see below).


The tenant is the technical entity to use the Nitrobox system and represents a legal entity of the client. A client can have several tenants (multi-tenancy) and each tenant needs its own Nitrobox license.

The Digital Car Company AG has two subunits: the "Charging GmbH" and the "Platform GmbH" which monetize different business models with Nitrobox. Each subunit is operated as a separate tenant in the Nitrobox system and therefore, two Nitrobox licenses are necessary.

Billing Group

Billing groups bundle items from different contracts, orders or business units of a customer. This allows multiple orders and items created under one customer to be invoiced in one document.

Business Segment

A business segment is a subunit of the tenant enabling the client to operate different business models, brands etc. under one tenant.

A tenant can have multiple business segments, and each business segment can have its own rules, templates, and reports.

The tenant "Platform GmbH" needs various business segments as the company wants to offer e.g.

  • one business segment per country
  • one business segment per business model (e.g. purchases via app vs. webstore)
  • one business segment per brand
  • one business segment per white label partner
  • and many more

Operating Site

The operating site carries the data of the legal entity that is legally required for billing and accounting, such as company name, address, tax number, commercial register number, and directors.

A tenant can have multiple operating sites, as a legal entity can have headquarters as well as non-self-sustaining subsidiaries.

The operating sites can also be used as data sources for creating document templates (data for headers and footers) and deriving accounting entries and tax rules.

The legal entity Charging GmbH has its headquarters in Hamburg and a non-self-sustaining subsidiary in Berlin.

This is operating site 1:
Charging GmbH
Ladeplatz 1
20357 Hamburg

This is operating site 2:
Charging GmbH
Operating Site Berlin
Stromstraße 2
10115 Berlin


The customer is the party that enters into a contract with a tenant. Thus, customers are also the tenant's debtors.

Sarah A. signs a contract with the "Charging GmbH" tenant for a electric charging subscription and becomes a customer of the "Charging GmbH". She receives e.g. an invoice each month she has to settle.


The debtor represents the customer from an accounting point of view and is the place where their purchase activity and balance is recorded.

The debtor "Sarah A." displays Sarah's purchase activitiy in billing documents and lists outstanding receivables, payments and the balance.

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