Global Configuration

A tenant also contains tenant specific configuration options. Those configurations are set by Nitrobox during tenant setup.

  • Price strategy specifies whether Nitrobox calculates tax and gross prices or whether all pricing information is provided by another system. Other systems can be notified about the calculated items via web hook and may add additional information or update the calculated prices.
  • Price Reduction strategy specifies whether the tenant is allowed to use discounts or voucher usages. Discounts and voucher usages can only be used on item.extra level.
  • Document number strategy specifies whether Nitrobox generates the document numbers or if the tenants are going to provide the document numbers. For recurring invoices, Nitrobox must be the system that generates the numbers.
  • PDF generation strategy specifies whether the Nitrobox creates PDFs or not.
  • Archiving strategy specifies whether Nitrobox archiving service is used to archive PDF files.

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